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Baby gates have many benefits and are important when your little one starts to crawl and walk. They help create a safer environment for your baby while also offering peace of mind for parents. If your baby is starting to crawl and walk, it might be time to purchase one.


There are many benefits when it comes to baby gates. This is why they are suggested for parents as soon as your baby becomes mobile. Every home has an area that can be dangerous for a little one to wander in, baby gates do their part in protecting them from these areas.

Harmful Areas

In every home there are certain areas we don’t want our toddlers to roam. The most common areas are stair areas. This can be very dangerous for a toddler to either climb up or down from and poses a potential risk of injury. This is why you typically see staircase baby gates installed in homes with stairs.

Kitchens are another area that you don’t want your toddler in. Even if you have child locks on your lower cabinets, children can sometimes get passed these and end up reaching for harmful cleaning chemicals. You don’t want your little one exposed to these dangers so a baby gate that blocks the kitchen area off is another popular suggestion.

Peace of Mind

With a baby gate you get to supervise your child in a stress free environment because you can easily watch them in an area without worrying about them roaming free. You also get to relax and not worry about them getting into potentially harmful areas for them. You can sit and watch TV while they play with their toys in the living room under your supervision. This is one of the most convenient reasons a baby gate is useful.


Although they provide many conveniences, they also have some inconveniences. For the amount of safety you get though, we don’t see these as too big of an issue.

One of the inconveniences of having a baby gate is it turns your typical home area into a harder-to-access area. This is because you will now have to make your way over the gate to get to certain rooms or areas. This isn’t too big of an inconvenience but your legs will let you know when you’re laying down and they’re sore from hurdling over the gate. I laugh because everytime I used to manage my way around the house with a baby gate installed, I felt like a runner jumping over hurdles. I would think, “All this just to make a sandwich?”

Moving Around

Another inconvenience is moving the gate around can be a little troublesome. Baby gates aren’t really small so moving them from room to room and then setting them up again can get stressful. Our opinion is to get more than one. For some, this isn’t an option and we understand what a baby’s needs can do to your budget but if it makes life easier for you and safer for your little one, it’s a good investment altogether.


Baby gates serve their purpose quite well besides providing a few inconveniences but this is normal and worth it. When you compare the pros to the cons, they’re better to have than not. You can find several at very affordable prices ranging from $25 and up online or locally. Bottom line is baby gates are a much needed item for parents and an investment that will serve its purpose over and over each use.


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