Keep Your Baby Warm After A Bath

Bath time is a fun experience for you to bond with your newborn. If you’re a new parent, getting into the daily routine might still be new and you probably want to take advantage of all the cute little things to make it more exciting. That’s where this cute little robe comes into play.

After a nice bath, your baby might be a little cold and want to cuddle. Instead of just wrapping them with a towel, get a little creative and try this terry shark robe out.

With the Terry Shark Robe, your newborn will look cool and also stay warm. The terry cloth material is soft on your little one’s skin so it won’t agitate or irritate their soft skin after bathing.

The design comes with a hood that features smiling shark teeth and a tail to complete the shark theme. It can be personalized with your toddler’s name to make it more personal for him with some nice accented lettering. It’s easy to machine wash and dry so you won’t have to worry about having to hand wash the robe.

The terry robe fits toddlers from 0-9 months old and is the perfect cute little gift for a newborn to use after bath time.

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