What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Monitor

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Monitor

When we have kids we are all protective with our children but there are times when you don’t want to have to keep getting up and checking on your baby, especially since having a baby is already stressful enough with everything on your mind all the time, so we put together a few things to consider when you are choosing a baby monitor. There’s several different options nowadays such as wireless or wired, and video or audio monitor. Depending on your budget, these features and options will help you to determine what monitor to get.


One of the first features you might want to have is a baby monitor that has a low battery warning light so you can know that you need to change out the batteries soon. It’ll be an inconvenience if you find out your battery is dead before you even received a warning because every little second counts with your little one and we all know a lot can happen in a few seconds with a newborn.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing a baby monitor is to go wireless. Having a wireless monitor is a big convenience because it enables you to do chores, and get a little bit of alone time to finish other household tasks while still being able to see and hear your baby. One with a belt clip and a small video display is perfect because you can hear and see what your baby is doing and feel relieved that your baby is okay. There’s even newer model baby monitors that have an app option to download and watch your baby from your phone or even a bluetooth camera that can let you pair your phone to it so you can just check your phone and see how your baby is doing.


A sound activated light that flashes when your baby makes a noise is also very convenient. Let’s say your vacuuming or doing something that creates a little bit of noise and you still want to be able to make sure your baby is doing fine, well one look at your handheld baby monitor and you can see if it’s lighting up that your baby is possibly crying or making some noise.


One option, when it comes to picking a baby monitor, that many people overlook is the frequency. You want to have the best quality so you will want to get one that runs at 900Mhz or better due to the fact of interference from other devices. This way their is more of a solid clarity and less problems in understanding what is going on.


The last thing to consider, that we are going to go over today is a video monitor. Several parents don’t feel comfortable just hearing their baby to make sure they are okay. With a video monitor, you can just take a look at it and know exactly what your baby is doing. When purchasing a baby monitor with video, make sure that the quality of the picture is high quality enough for you to see everything very clear.


All of these options we mentioned are important in deciding what type of baby monitor to purchase because you want one that is perfect for your needs and situation. Video baby monitors have came to be very popular over the last few years and can be had at a decent price at around $129.99 which isn’t too bad when it comes to the safety of your little one. We hope you found this article to be helpful.


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